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I am a proud new owner of a Polytech M14s. I'm still trying to familiarize myself with my new rifle. I haven't even had a chance to go to the range to fire it yet.

I have noticed that there is some play in the gas tube assembly and barrel up in front by the front end of the handguard, I think that this area is called the spindle. Is this normal? Should there be some play there? Should I totally disassemble the barrel, receiver, and gas tube from the stock to inspect it? I seems that the area by the receiver is pretty rock solid. Any advice will be appreciated.
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Is it a oval shaped piece that holds the handguard and goes around the barrel and gas cylinder? If so it's the front band and unless the gas system has been unitized (unlikely) the front band will move around. This is normal but not desirable. Look into getting a shim kit from Fulton Armory to tighen it up.

Congrats on the new rifle!

Oh, the spindle valve is on the side of the gas cylinder (left I think) and should have a slot on one side. You use a screw driver or any slotted tip to push this in and turn it 90 degrees to shut off the gas system (you should never need to do this).
Aloha Seeing Double...

Welcome Aboard. If the gas cylinder assembly is moving around shims will definitely help but you could peen the barrel to make it fit tight.


Tom O.
One easy fix we have found on our Norinco M14s up in Canada, is to reverse the gas lock.

People have found that their Norino's gas lock indexed past the 6 o'clock position when tightening.When they backed off the gas lock to the 6 o'clock position, there would be a little play in the gas cylinder assembly.

Sometimes if you flip the gas lock over and reinstall it, it will start to tighten at the 4 o'clock position and be tight at 6 o'clock with no gas cylinder play.

If you have to shim the gas cylinder, you are removing the flash suppressor anyways, so maybe give flipping the gas lock at try before buying a set of shims.

It is no big deal to have to shim up your gas cylinder. :wink:

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