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Hi Guy's

springfield armory has them for $69.00 part # GE5101

this is going on. a never been on a gun. walnut E2 stock so i dont want to drill holes or anything like that. looking for the strapon styl.(no pun)

S/A has the typ i want just dont wana pay close to $80.00 with shipping

but if i have to i will...

so what ya got drop me a line.

the set up sits a tad bit high so i need it to be sorta ontop of the stock styl.

tan / black/ brown / hot pink?
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Try the Scope-EZE from Brownells. It is a strap-on type and quickly removed.

The cheekrest is fairly solid and does not have the "spongy" feeling. For strap-on types, this is what I have been using. They do come in various heights so measure the height you need before buying.


Tom O.
i saw them. so they fit nice and snug.

dont look trashy? ;) and like $26.00. need the highest of the set..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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