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Long term storing of mags?

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Hi guys! Just looking for a little input. I wanted to stash some m-14 mags away for a rainy day. I have some still in the wrap in 2-packs and such.
Would you store them in the original wrap unopened, or would you open them to check for defects and then store them another way? Thanks for your ideas!
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I use a VCI wrap and 'blue-bags'. VCI stands for vapor corrosion inhibitor. The bags are available from Bianchi or McMaster-Carr Ind Supply. Blue-bags are a zip-loc bag treated with the same thing. And yes , keep the original wrap. They are wrapped with VCI paper.
unopened mags stay that way in my book. i can sell or trade them later if i need to. or open them.

opened mags store 10 mags per 30 cal ammo can. you should have multiple cans of mags, just in case.
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