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long range target question?

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Hi all,

I've been playing with the 'ten dot' 100yd/meter thing but that will be over soon; am trying to find me a longer place to sling some lead...
? what is a 'normal' established target for 400 to 1000 yds. where does one obtain them? I can get 400 meters easily but beyond that is proving difficult for sure.
am saving up for a new range finder as well as am hoping to do some REAL load development this winter out here; it is getting HOT!
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Where in California are you? If you are near Coalinga, you should join the club. Members are allowed to show up and use the rifle range at whatever distance they want, provided (of course) they cooperate and coordinate with other shooters who may be there. You can shoot out to 1000 yards, and they leave some targets and materials where you can get at them.

Thanks Tim but I am just a farmworker in the Coachella Valley here and that is a stretch...
I use an 18" steel plate past 500

Am looking and trying to scout a location for a 24" round but is an 18" shilloute better?
Then you are near the Salton Sea.......used to be a ton places for long range there back in the 80's....good bird hunting also.

...but I suppose it has all changed since then.
Yes! See what is left of it every day...lol
Left of it?.....that sucks.....what about Borrego? We used to shoot informal long range out there often. However not sure we ever did 1000......

But some great memories of shooting some "loaned" rifles from a certain Armory when we did our weekend camping, dirt biking, jeeping, 4 wheelin, sand railing, and general purpose carrying on out there...

Not related to topic.....but used to "water" down at the Iron Door and Blu Inn at Borrego Springs often.....good times
YES! Been there MANY times TDS jeep run for going on 25+ years... Remember the Hemet Cavalcade?
Grew up on the OTHER side of the Valley
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It rings a bell.....was that a club that sponsored poker runs?

The Blu Inn was a start point at one night poker run once.....and I remember the Iron Door a check point....can't get away today with what we got away with back in the 80's I bet......; )

BTW....if you ever walk around that river bed to the right of the Blu Inn and come across a $1900 wedding ring (1987 dollars) that is my ex-wifes ring.....sell it and party hard on my dime.....she took it off because her riding gloves didn't fit over it.......we were camped in that river bed right next to Blu Inn...
LOL! I WILL keep that in mind. Been a long time since I was there with one of my ex's
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