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I will be conducting a Long Range Engagement Course at Legion OTG on October 24-26. I am limiting the course to 10 students (2 relays of 5 each).

My separate Basic and Intermediate Courses (or my 2-day Basic Course) are prerequisites for this course. If you have already received similar training from another Instructor, contact me and I will see about waiving this prerequisite for you.

I am conducting a 2-day Basic Precision Rifle Course on August 23-24, in Pelham TN, that will satisfy the prerequisites for this course.

We will start at approximately 500yds and go out from there. All students will have the opportunity to engage steel targets in excess of 1000yds.

We will start at 1200hrs on Friday, October 24, in the classroom. That half-day will be covering all the formulae needed for long range shooting and wind corrections. Range estimation, wind reading (use natural indicators......ain't no range flags in the real world!), wind corrections, extrapolation, external variables, etc.

We will be on the UKD Range, which goes out past 2500yds, all day Saturday and Sunday.

We will engage known distance targets and I will do all the spotting and corrections. Relay 1 will shoot while Relay 2 spots with me. The relays will change places periodically throughout the day. This way, all shooters will see exactly how to call and dope for wind, as well as spot and give corrections to shooters. While I am spotting, I will be showing and explaining what I am doing.

Shooters will be paired up and all targets will be unknown distance targets. Working as a team, all shooters will have to range the targets using their reticles (no LRF's allowed). Once they have obtained a proper range for all targets, they will take turns engaging the targets; one as a shooter and the other as a spotter. Each team will have to figure out their own wind values and corrections, as well as the dope required to engage targets at various distances.

Gear list:
Rifle, bolt action or semi-auto. Recommend a .243/.260/.308 or "larger"
Optics with a ranging reticle (mils or MOA), and finger-adjustable turrets
250rds of match grade ammo, or equivalent
Data book with calculator
Shooting mat
Rear bag or support
Front rest or bipod
Spotting scope (not every shooter will need one, just one per every 2 shooters)
Cleaning gear

If you don't have all the gear on the list, let me know as I have kit to loan. Additionally, match grade ammo in some calibers can be purchased from the Pro Shop at Legion OTG for a good price.

Cost for the course is $700, payable in full in advance. Your spot isn't guaranteed until payment has been received. I accept checks, money orders and PayPal (you pay the 3.5% fee). M14 Forum members will receive a 10% discount.

Lodgings are available onsite at Legion OTG and bookable through their Pro Shop. They are cabins for approximately $75 per night and can sleep 2 folks.

I should have room in my truck for up to 2 students and their gear, if you would like a free ride down there and back from the Atlanta area.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

For my resume, as well as those of our Instructors, please visit Precision Applications, LLC at http://precision-applications.com.

Semper Fi!
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