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Long awaited RR with M40a1 clone

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My Dad had passed away not long ago, my Mom has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel and I have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. So too say I’ve been crawling the walls in need a some range time is like a crackhead going through withdrawal.

Sunday was a super nice day in Orygun and me and Wes Howe hooked up for a splendid afternoon of shooting and a downright amazing lunch after, it was a shame the third amigo missed out.

This is my first real precision rig, as I’m not really a glass shooter. However I’m learning too be one real fast so too say the hook is set is a understatement. I’ve posted a picture of the rifle before but I didn’t give any details, blueprinted “B” series 700 action, M40 contour Obermeyer 1/10 tube, Mac stock with adj hand stop. Scope is a Lupy 10X Ultra fixed with mil-dot. Trigger is set around 2 1/2lbs and is it super crisp, I’m still getting use too it.

The load used was 175 Lapua, new Peterson Match brass (2.005) 42.5 IMR-4064 trickled up and lit off with a Fed Match primer. COAL @ 2.80. My best for the day was a nice knot on a reduced 600yds target, I even had a double In this group. So load development with this combo is pretty much done but I will still try some Nosler CC and SMK a whirl as well as some TMK’s..
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I realize this is an older thread but I wanted to post pictures of a modified Weshowe load in my newly acquired Reminton 700 Varmint rifle which I will make into an M40A1 clone. My load is quite similar to his load, 43.5 gr/Varget 175 Lapua Scenar L with a Wolf LRP. The rifle as it is right now has a few tweeks to it, relive the stock pressure point, adjusted the trigger to 2lbs., and a nightforce 20 MOA base. I mounted a Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10 scope and the group was shot at 200 yards.
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