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Lock Bar rear sight

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Just found out I have lock-bar rear site knob on my M1A, does anybody how they work, and what age they might be as I assume they are a later Garand design.
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The lock bar sight was the standard M1 sight during WW2 and was replaced with the more familiar sight after then. Springfield must have boutht them by the pound for scrap, I've seen many on the M1A.

The "lock bar" on the right side lock the sight from moving after it's zeroed. Sort of. That's the reason it was replaced on every M1 left in service between WW2 and Korea.

You may find someone with a M1 who needs this sight. My DCM M1 Rifle came with a M14 sight, of all things. It went on my M1A to replace the M1 sight.

-- Chuck
I invite you to visit the Photo Library, part of the Intel Section. This question and many like it are answered.

Here is a link to your answer.

Sight differences
OK, according to the link above from Mr. Ricca, the lockbar sight is peened on the end of the pinion.

Can these be removed with damaging them?

And yes I need to find some who would like to trade me for an M14 sight or trade and $ for a NM sight :D
Yes they were staked and sometimes struck so hard they split. The end of the pinion is hollow for staking. A hardened pointed punch was inserted in the hole and struck with a hammer. If it split or not depended upon how much force the assembler used.

They can be removed but once removing one that is badly split , it may be the end of the road for that pinion. It all depends upon hard it was smacked.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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