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Little help here with a Polytech

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Hello All,

new here but not new to the M14/M1A platform.

although I am a complete novice where the Polytech rifles are concerned

I recently picked up an IDE poly serial number 2041x, original bolt, in fact most parts seem to be original, new lugged flash suppressor and GI Stock are the only things that seem to have been changed out.

my plan is to get a GI bolt for it and have the conversion done eventually,

finish on this rifle is good and seems to be shot very little, upon inspection I found a series of numbers scribed into the Bolt, op rod and trigger group

Trigger is excellent,

anyone know what these are here for ? are they normal for a poly?

and this series, I'm sure they are some sort of manufactureing code but do they make sense to anyone?

Any information at all is a bonus for me as I have yet to learn anything about the Chinese Rifles
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That is a special alien code that turns the rifle into a ray gun, LOL Sorry had to toss that out there, I promise I am not picking on you. I am interested myself to add this info to the memory bank so to speak.

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I own two heel stamped Poly Tech M14's as well. The numbers located under the stock on mine are as follows....

88 10 21

Which means my receiver was forged in January 88. My bolt also has the electro pencil numbers as well and I assume they are assembly numbers since they are different from my serial number, which on this rifle is 0057X. Perhaps our resident expert, Different will see this thread and chime in with a far better answer to your questions...


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Thanks for the input guys,

As I mentioned earlier the trigger on this thing is excellent, far better than any of my long gone Springfield Armory M1A's

I was thinking since they all match they would be matched to the rifle, serial number is nowhere near those

if as was previously mentioned they were made prior to the reciever why would all 3 pieces match each other unless they were removed from another rifle,
dont they just pull parts from the parts bin, first in last out style?

Different? you out there?
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