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Lining up gas cylinder

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I recently checked my gas cylinder by doing the "stick the allen wrench" into the hole on top and look to see it in the barrel.

It worked, except to see the allen wrench I had to angle it forward to get it to go into the whole in the barrel, the allen wrench was not perpendicular to the rifle, it had to be angled forward towards the muzzle, is this normal?
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Nope, that's not normal.

By your description, you need to move the gas cylinder back just a hair.
Just give your lock 1 more turn and check it again.

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My gas cylinder lock turned about 1/4 turn past being lined up to lock, so I had to turn it back that quarter turn for the gas plug to go into it. I am pretty new to the gas system of the M1A, did I do something wrong or is something amiss that I don't understand?

The rifle functions fine. So you are saying that the allen wrench should go straight down through both holes and be perfectly perpendicular to the barrel?

Should the lock ( let me make sure we are talking about the same lock, which I am thinking of as the thing that looks like a metal 8 ) be super tight when it reaches the point that the gas plug goes in. Should I have to force it to turn around one more time or what?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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