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A friend of mine needed a knee at 60. I pointed out to him he was drafted and served through the missile crises. So down to the VA we went. In the office filling out papers and in comes the surgeon, turns out to be an old friend of his from when he sold boats. When we finish the girl says they will need his service records before they can do anything, meanwhile his friends sends a staffer to meet us and escort us to the green team office; where a girl takes all his info and evaluates his knee and does a stress test. We leave after about three hours and think Gvt time three to six months and he will hear something. Six weeks later he gets a call they had a cancellation if he can be there before 5p.m. he is on for the morning so he calls me to meet him to get his car. At 2p.m about three days after the knee he gets a call army cant find his records.
Not him nor the three army boats he served on. Now he is worried he is on the hook to pay for the knee. Tell him back door the army can loose anything but the IRS has it all. Call a friend with IRS he says Social Security has duplicates of military records. Peter gives me all his info lawyer at va does a power of attorney and off to ss office two hours later back with copy of records with service number, Give all this to the girl in the office. He is home three months going for PT twice a week a bundle shows at his house Navel records His army records were stored at a Navy site HE WAS A Skipper did not matter that he was Army ARMY1
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