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I use Birchwood Casey's super black instant touchup pen for all those little scratches and finish wear marks.
It's ok, but it's just paint basically and wears pretty easy.
I just touch it up again as needed, but that's just a quick fix for better refinishing later.
Mainly just to hold me over till I want to Teflon-moly or Gunkote something or again.
You need to have the spot your putting it on cleaned and degreased if you want it to stay longer.
No big deal really. Go to the autoparts store or Wallyworld and get yourself a can of aerosol brake cleaner. Spray it on a Qtip, clean the scratch, wait till it's dry, wipe it with a fresh paper towel and touch it up with the pen.
Give it a few minutes and it's dry too.

They make an instant cold blue pen also, but I haven't tryed that one.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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