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I fulfilled a life long dream and obtained a Springfield M1-A. I can hardly believe it. I never expected to own one due to their price. One came my way and I couldn't pass it up. It's used, came with 12 mags, 3rd Gen SA scope mount, one standard stock with SA 1917 sling, one over sized laminated stock (unfinished), buttstock cleaning kit with combo tool, and 1000 rounds.It has what I think is a standard rear site installed and an extra NM rear sight. The front site is stamped NM 072. Is that the width?

Overall it's in great shape and the bore looks good. How do I find out how old it is? The barrel is stamped "Winchester-7790190-May-61-19R" The reciever serial number is 052xxx. When was it made?

I'm also not sure of the rest of the markings I've found. The Bolt is marked 7790186 HRT A21 CFN

Op Rod: 7267064 TRW

Trigger Group left side: 7267030 66118

I know how to take the action out of the stock (just like a m1 Garand), but is there a source that shows the rest of the dissasembly?

There is slop in the gas piston housing/ handguard. This means I need to put some shims in? Is Fulton Armory the best source?

I haven't fired it yet and would eventually like to finish the target stock and mount a scope. For now, I'll use iron sights. Is it worth while to reinstall the NM rear site?

Sorry for the long post but I'm pretty excited about this rifle.

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Welcome on board woodstock, pull up an old ammo crate and sit awhile. This here Gun Board is a great place for information on M14/M1A Rifles. Again welcome aboard and have yourself a great week Sir. :lol: Congratulations on your addiction to your family, enjoy your great battle rifle on the range soon.

The front site is stamped NM 072. Is that the width?
I find out how old it is? The barrel is stamped "Winchester-7790190-May-61-19R" The reciever serial number is 052xxx. When was it made?
Call Springfield and tell them the SN and they can tell you when it was manufactured, by day/month/year.
Trigger Group left side: 7267030 66118
and 1000 rounds
1k rounds of what?

A quick run down on some of the different surplus ammo manufactures out there for the M14/M1A...

Argentine, good when found, stamped FM or SF
Australian ADI (Australian Defense Industries)/Aussie, good, stamped AFF or MF
Portuguese, good, stamped BF, second in line is FNM
Radway Green (British), very good, going up in price, NATO cross stamp, RG
Lake City Army Ammunition, very, very good, cost is high, NATO cross stamp, LC
German, stamped MEN and DAG, real good, cost is high when you can find it
Hirtenberger, real good, going up in price when you can find it, stamped H or HP
Israel Military Industries surplus, head stamped IMI, S, SA, SB, TA, TZ & TZZ. I have no info on how it compares with the group above through my NM M1A.
Malaysian, good, hard to find, stamped MAL
Santa Barbra (Spain), real good, stamped SB / 7.62x51
South Africa, good, stamped R1M1
Venezuelan, no data as of yet, stamped nny 7.62 MM
Royal Ordnance (Indian), stamp OFV, I would avoid it like the plague!

Just my opinion of course...

Oh by the way, has anyone talked to you about buying some good surplus ammo yet?

The 10 Rules of Ammo:

1) You can never have too much ammo on hand. 1k rounds per battle rifle is a good minimum to start with (fubar).
2) Supplies of good surplus run out before you know it, and usually when you're running low on ammo, so buy plenty while its available.
3) When in doubt about how much ammo you should buy, refer to rule #1.
4) Ammo is meant to be shot, so shoot often.
5) Because of rule #4, ammo must be replenished often as well.
6) When replenishing supply of ammo, refer to rules #1 through #3.
7) You must buy at least twice as much ammo as you shoot (fubar).
8: Always store ammo in a cool dry place (TEA).
9) If you don't have room in your house to store ammo per rule #8, build a bunker or a cellar in your back yard for storing ammo (TEA).
10) Friends don't let friends buy Indian surplus ammo (TEA). Or Never buy surplus ammo from a country where you wouldn't drink the water (midrat).

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Wow! Slow down.

First of all, Welcome! :D

1. Your front sight is NM and you are correct thats the width.

2. The barrel is a chrome lined Winchester USGI barrel (Good!)

3. The bolt is H&R USGI (Good!)

4. The op-rod is TRW USGI (Good!)

5. The trigger group is Winchester USGI (Good!)

6. Fultons seems the best place for shims.

7. I think your rifle was built in the late 80's or early 90's.


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Welcome Aboard the Firing Line - Woodstock =D>

Glad you finally got your rifle and decided to join the M14/M1A family here on the FL. I don't blame you a bit for being a little excited - when I finally got one of my own (after wanting one for 30 years) I was pretty excited myself. :arm11:

First of all, you might want to invest in some good BOOKS . I bought both the Khunhausen and Duff manuals because what one didn't cover in depth, the other did. Both cover mods that will make your rifle more accurate and reliable than the way it comes from the factory.

There is also excellent info in both on how to do the shimming of the gas cylinder, although most folks say that having the cylinder "screwed and glued" or welded is best. There are some fine folks that hang out here that can help you with that.

This LINK should get you some basic info on disassembly, maintenance, cleaning, etc. that should get you started OK.

Just remember - these rifles like grease on the moving parts (other than the trigger assembly - keep the hammer hooks clean and unlubed).

You'll need some basic tools to work on the rifle: A combo tool for gas cylinder nut removal, a gas cylinder wrench so you don't twist the cylinder, a set of castle nut pliers, some hex wrenches, etc. to work on the gas system. Check some of the back posts in the ARMORY section and you'll find most of the info you are looking for to do maintenance and mods.

Most of our battle rifles "like" misurp of one type or another so you might want to pick up a little of each to see which type your rifle likes best - mine loves Aussie. Take some advice here and stay far away from any Indian ammo - bad stuff for most shooters (check out the link in the Ammo Bunker).

Anyway, I hope it's a real shooter for ya.

Pull up a chair and we'll set a place at the table for ya. \:D/


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Thank you all for the responses. I feel welcome already!
The ammo unfortunately is the Indian stuff. Can I salvage any of the components or is it totally worthless? The seller threw it in because he was afraid I wasn't going to buy the rifle. I knew immediately after inspecting it that I wanted it. I love the 10 rules of ammo and will implement them immediately!
I do plan on buying some books(Khunhausen and Duff ). For now, I'll start with the links you guys provided for the detail stripping.
It doesn't look too hard to shim the gas tube so I'll start with that and resort to glue or weld as a last ditch effort.
What does the TRW on the op rod stand for? I guess I got lucky with all the USGI parts.
Should I remove the gen 3 scope mount? Is it any good? I'll put a scope on it as soon as I can but my budget is only $300. Any suggestions on a scope in that range?
Do you guys think the oversized laminated stock is worth installing? I'm guessing it needs bedded and some minor fitting as well as finished. Who does this sort of work?
I'll post a range report as soon as I get out. If I can get it grouping ok, I plan on entering some high power matches.

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Aloha Woodstock,

Nothing I can add to what the others already sent, but I love the TITLE of this thread! Glad you got one and sounds like an excellent one at that!

A laminated stock can be very fetching. This is a pic of one of my M1A's in a laminated stock. This particular stock is not bedded (but can be very easily). Fitting can be done by you and sounds like you know your way around tools, so it may be something to consider. The finish, will be one of the more fun and easy things to do. I have used a Danish Oil on this stock and it seemed to have brought out the brightness of the stock.

However, there are lots of people that work "magic" with stocks and I am sure they can do it for you or be of great assistance. Also, do a search and you will see some really awesome rifles done by our members.

JohnnyReb did a post not too long ago on a "woodie" that words cannot describe... awesome is not good enough! :lol:

Also, post pics if you can and that helps everyone see what you see... :lol:

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
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