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Lies, myths, and Stupidity

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Your not going to believe this, but go to ABCnews.com, Pull up the 20/20 site, and look at myth # 3 under Lies, myths, and Stupidity...Your are not going to believe this...Mike
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Yep,I saw it.Time for the flood gates to open. :lol:

"under construction"

For those that dont want to go searching....
:) 8) http://abcnews.go.com/sections/2020/2020/myths_john_stossel_040123-7.html
At what point did the truth, or common sense, intrude on the anti-gunners rhetoric? Both of these now-ignored traits point out that it is the individual who is responsible for his/her own safety. Be it behind the wheel of a car, dealing with household chemicals, or confronting crime as it occurs, personal responsibility is the only constitutional right that applies. The rest all follow. What good would a gun do, if you lack the responsibility to use it? Today's world would be a much more utopian place if everyone just accepted that THEY are responsible for their actions, and not always someone or something else causing/forcing them into the action they took. :D
Hey JR, I do agree. But IMHO we have too many lawyers running around. When I graduated college and looked into law school, getting into a good school was VERY tough. Just think, all these attorneys graduating every year and looking for a case to try. Compound this with the various legislative bodies at the state and federal level passing more laws to rationalize their jobs. It gets sticky after a while. I told a practicing attorney one evening at a party that I was glad I didn't persue a JD. And I mean that. Just think, defending a person that you are certain is guilty! Or filing the forms for a bankrupcy to beat some poor merchant out of his bill. I could go on and on. Just my .02...Mike
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