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license plates......

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Check this out.....submitted by ZEITSEF. Pretty classy I say :!:
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Thank you Hawk :D I was at 7-11 @0300 getting ready to bring a
ship in at daylight when a Redondo Beach police officer (CA) asked me
if that was WHAT he thought it was :roll: I told him it was but it wasn't
WITH me! He said he had no reason to doubt me and said good day!

Best to all ZEITSEF
Kewl Sig Pic ..... :wink:

Wonder where that came from ..... :D

Does the "covered up portion of the plate say M1A :?:

As in M1A * M14 ....

License plate

No SIX-- it is covering an "F" --that s when Fulton Armory built me one
a few years back. ZEITSEF
Super Kewl ... :wink:

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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