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Les Baer...

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I just "shook hands" on a new, sent to my dealer by mistake, Les Baer 1911 style WadCutter gun! GTD 2.5" at 50 yds.

Wo baby, she is beautiful! Les does such nice work with his serrations! I just looked her over in the plastic bag, fell in love with it and said "done!" Now, I will find out what paper work I need and jump through the "hoops" to get her home...

I have a permit for long guns but each pistol has to be registered separately. Which involves several trips to the local PD. But she will be worth it!

I will post pics when I get her!


Tom O.
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tom, congrats on the Baer. they're one fine pistol.
mine is a premier II. some of the best craftsmanship i ever held. i compared alot of customs when i was looking to plop down some cash and Baer was head and shoulders above the rest.
i do have to tell you though that i shoot my kimber as well as i do the baer and for half the money. its a classic stainless, the older model without the hookie firing pin safety.
they both out shoot me.

enjoy your new pistol, dont let it sit, shoot it ! it wont hurt it !

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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