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Comes with a S&A mag-well, a dawson precision fibre optic front sight and one Wilson Combat mag, everything else in pics is included. Selling new on gunbroker for $2250,
I will sell for $1775. Please do not low ball me, if you think you are offering a low ball, do not even send it to me.

I am in Washington state, would prefer to do a FTF but if not I will split the cost of shipping to your FFL.

By the way, I do have an "idiot" mark on it. I forgot to mention that until someone asked.

I got tired of the pm's that went like this: "um I will have to refinish the whole slide, take $400 off your asking price and we have a deal" To hell with that, I would hate to see how these people go car shopping. No wonders salesmen are always in a bad mood. Amazing what a few minutes, some polishing compound and a dremel can do.
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