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Leatherwood ART II, and DPMS

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My Leatherwood ART II needed repair, so I contacted Pam Luth with Panther Arms, DPMS the only authorized Leatherwood ART II dealer/repair facility to see if I could send it in? That was June of 2002. Pam advised they had a year long backlog on scope repairs, and I would be placed on the repair list. Well okay, so I was placed on the list and waited.

August of this year, and no contact from anyone at DPMS, I called to see where I was on the list? I left three messages for Pam without any call back, before I finally succeded in catching her at the office one day. Pam advised me that they were not repairing the Leatherwood ART II scopes at that time, GRRRRR
I reacquainted her with my issue, an internal O-ring had slipped loose, and dirt or grease spots were on the inside of the rear eyepiece, and that I had been on the 'repair list' for over a year. Basicly, I was told tough luck, I had a nice $750.00 paper weight....

The scope wasn't disabled, but the o-ring was obscuring the reticle, and the dirt spots were distracting. So I constructed a tool to remove the retaining ring from the rear eyepiece, and corrected the problem in 10 minutes! . Simple enough really, I bought a replacement O-ring from Lowes, cleaned the lenses, and reassembled the unit. Looks great, and funtions perfectly.

In case it isn't apparent, I WOULD NEVER do business with DPMS for anything, period. Pam is a co-owner of the business, her husband Randy Luth is the president. Neither Pam, or Randy would return my calls, or had any concern about about repairing my scope once I was able to speak with them.
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