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Learning the Sling (help)

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I sitting here with my new Turner sling, and a well known sling instruction book (I wont name).

For the love of God, I can't figure out how to properly get the sling onto my M1A rifle. I think the illustrations in the book (which aren't very good) are incorrect, because they don't match the written text. Or it could be vice versa. Following the instructions very closely, the sling ends up with a funky twist near the top hook, and the bottom hook is impossible to feed through the bottom swivel because the hooks are bent towards the stock. Seems to me it should be the other way around (it fits that way).

Recomendations? Suggestions? Or am I total 'tard?
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You're right, the hooks go away from the buttstock when attaching. Go here http://www.fulton-armory.com/ and in the right column scroll down to 'M14 FAQ Articles', then look for 'Use of the M1907 sling.' Under that is how to attach it...It's all from FM 23-5 Hope this helps.
:?: Does this help you at all?

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Thanks alot fellas.
:D My Man! Now if you cant figure out how to use it for Shooting in a Match give me a Shout and I'll Try to explain it to You. ;)
And don't forget that when shooting prone or sitting, the bottom strap is just dangling - it is not attached to the lower swivel at all. You are just using the forward swivel.

Trung Si said:
:D My Man! Now if you cant figure out how to use it for Shooting in a Match give me a Shout and I'll Try to explain it to You. ;)
Here is a direct link to Fulton's sling use : http://www.fulton-armory.com/sling.htm
:?: delloro! Shame on you, You know how to use that Sling! [-X Richard! I cant explain myself real god in Type but I'll try: You can leave the Bottom end hanging or attach it like I did in the Picture, It's not used.
1.Slide your Keepers up to form a Large Loop( the one hanging in Picture.
2. Rest your Rifle Butt on your Thigh facing it Left.
3. Grab the Large Loop and turn it toward you a quater turn.
4. Now put Your Left Arm thru the Loop all the way above your Bicep, slide your both your Keepers down tight.
5. Put your Rifle in your Shoulder and adjust with your TOP CLAW which stayed in place to begin with, My Adjustment for Prone is #4.

If you noticed in the Photo I have my top Claw marked with white dots on all my Slings, that way I dont have to fiddle around on the Range, all I do is undo the Bottom and I am ready. ;)
PS I forgot to tell you to put your Left Hand inside the Sling and grasp the Rifle behind the Front Swivel the Sling is now running diag. accross your left Wrist. I hope you did not go to Sleep on me here! ;)
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There's a couple different ways to rig a sling. For shooting, I use the USMC shooting team way, with the frogs on the inside, hooks pointing out.

Like so:

www.jarheadtop.com has a great book called "Leather Sling and Shooting Positions."
:D Roger that .30 I know about that one, several Guys I shoot with use it, but since he is an obvious Beginner I wanted to give him the Simplest Way! ;)
Thanks for that link .30 Cal. The USMC method was the one I was trying to learn.
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