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SAI receivers tend to provide more generous HS in my experience. I'm speaking about the older ones, pre-2004. I haven't used any others beyond 155k. No idea about contemporary geometry.

Most other commercial receivers I've used are shorter, but my experience is limited to the number of receivers below. I probably have built on the order of 50 M1s and M14s so far. Hope to add another zero on the end of it before my days are over.
JRA - 6+
LRB - 3
FA - 20+

TRW bolts in general seem to provide the shortest HS. When I am attempting to shorten HS with a combo I grab a NOS TRW bolt. Just to buck that trend I have an GI SA bolt that provides even shorter HS. Go figure. Best thing to do if you do not have a pile of GI bolts is to use commercial barrels. If I had only one bolt I would not purchase a GI barrel as it is too much of a crap shoot.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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