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The medium weight General Dynamics barrels have a history of shooting very well. They are 1-12" twist which is fine for up to and including the 175 Sierra MK.

I wouldn't worry too much about headspace yet. It is affected by your receiver, your bolt, and your barrel. Arrange for LRB to contact you and give you an estimate if you are worried. They will be able to estimate the HS of your particular combination of parts before they torque the barrel on.

What kind of bolt do you have? The NOS TRW bolts are rumored to have been machined long, at the very upper limit of tolerances, so they tend to give shorter HS than other make bolts or used bolts.

Do you have a link to Gus Fisher's post about HS with the General Dynamics barrels? I tried a search but Gus has so many posts about HS I couldn't dig it out of the haystack.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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