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Las Vegas After Action Report

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Hooked up with Different the day after Christmas. Two things I can say for sure, he's as nice in person as he is on the boards and that big rock we were shooting at was thoroughly defeated. 8) After peppering it with some semi-auto fire to pin it down, we broke out Otto and really put some fire on it. At 450yds, Otto is a real tack driver, even with three and four round bursts.
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:D Fill me in on a Hardline when you get back. ;)
TEA, thank you for the kind words. Check out the photos and video of the shoot TEA is referring to.


The link to the video is just below the photo of the wasted bunny. :lol:
Aloha TEA/Different:

I just took a look at the pics and video and all I can say is... AWESOME!!!

Looks like you folks had "rocking" good time!

Aloha and Happy Holidays,

Tom O.
Sorry we had to leave LV on 12/25 for the trip back to So Kali! Looks like great fun, and I really wanted a chance to break out the SOCOM and 10FP while I was in NV.

Ah well. I'll be back for the SHOT Show and would love to get together for some rifle time if people are getting together.

tcdrennen, the local shoot is discussed and announced in the Nevada section of the Hometown forum at www.ar15.com Tell them Different sent you. Trust me, they know me. :lol:

I'd be more than happy to coordinate a shoot the weekend of the SHOT Show. Unfortunately, we're relocating to Connecticut next month so I won't be in Las Vegas for the SHOT Show.
Different, thanks for the pics you e-mailed.

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TEA, no problemo. FYI for the rest of the board, TEA is pulling the trigger on M1A serial number 000049 in the photos above. 8)
WoW i wish I had a shooting range like that that place looked like a blast! To bad you arent gonna be there for shot show, we should arrange a shoot though i would be really intrested in doing that.
I am in Vegas and Bruiser comes here quite often. Lets do it
(teaser) The place where Different was at you can shoot 1000 yards or better.
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