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Used excellent cond Larue 111 for 30mm tubes. $210 shipped
A2 HG's used good cond $12 shipped SPF
A2 pgrip $8 shipped
Cracked Vltor buttstock its cracked where the pin drops into the buffer tube. It still functions fine, you just wont be able to smash anyones skull with it. $40 shipped
Nice Old m16 A1 style Bayonet. Gencut maybe, nothing fancy but in like new cond with exc con scabbard. $30 shipped SPF
Larue gas block for ar10 .95 in size or something like that. Its been kryloned. $30 shipped
Colt Offset pin $5 shipped
KNS ball detent for standard size push pin. $10 shipped
Axis pins $5 per set shipped
Ciener 22 ar conversion firing pin. Used good cond. $10 shipped
Hand full of HK push pins $30 shipped
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