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Lake City M80 For Training Use Only

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Over at battlesrifles.com M1ALover said that a friend of his is a ammo NCO. And this friend told him that every 10,000 rounds of ammo produced for the DOD, 100 extra rounds are made. These 100 are weighed and tested by machines to ensure they meet standards. And then they pack it for resale without a lot number. What do you guys say? Do you think thats what this stuff is :?:
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Doubt it. I would guess that a few lots didn't meet some sort of gov requirement like being sealed correctly, and the gov rejected the lot. Besides, if that was true, how many millions of rounds would have had to be produced to get the quanity that is on the market right now? I would guess that 308 isn't being produced that heavily since 5.56 is the current military small arms round.
More likely , its just past shelf life or has been stored in a place that did not meet spec. When I was in the Navy , and assigned to station ordnance , we had to do magazine checks every day. Magazines as in the earthen bunkers that ordnance is stored in. If temp or humidity go outta spec , or has simply been sitting too long , sometimes the ammo is returned to depot and 'disposed of'. Sometimes it is marked 'for training only' and issued for practice. Most likely , it had been stored too long at Lake City Ammo Plant and was simply sold by the current operator , Federal. Could also simply be 'over-run'. Another possibile reason is political. "Training ammo - good , combat ammo - bad!
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