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L/Cpl Richard Cyrus

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Have another Marine Warrior across the pond in the sandbox giving it his all in a place called Fallujah ...

Lance Corporal Richard (R.A.) Cyrus who evidently hails from down Texas way and whose mother is associated with member RG45 and his wife.

God speed Richard and our thoughts and prayers are with you always until you return home safely to American soil ...


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Hey Six
I got the information that I told you about. Actually I was wrong my wife works with his mother. I am putting in the e-mail that she sent me.


I cannot even begin to put into words how very much your kind words and extension of hospitality means to me. I am sure you have experienced that also with having a son in Iraq yourself. I am overjoyed that your son is home safe!

Thank you and all your buddies for the prayers! They mean so much and the power of prayer is amazing! Thank you for everything. I loved your website! I don't know how it all works out there, but I hope he is able to get to a computer soon. I know he said he has some pretty rough conditions right now, but it should improve. Good thing he grew up camping!

A little info on my ever so cute Marine son Richard!
He is one of many Marines in our family. He has followed in the footsteps of his Grandfather, my Great Uncle and my husbands cousin, so he makes the fourth Marine! He also had a Grandfather in the Navy, and a Grandfather in the Air Force and Uncle in the Air Force. And then a Great Uncle in the Army. So he has a family full of Faithful Americans and is ready to continue the tradition! He is 19, a LCPL in the Marines, serving as you know in the "sandbox" as I have also learned to know it as! He is also married to a wonderful Marine! Her name is CPL. Juliana Cyrus who just made Marine of the Quarter in Waco! Richard was deployed in the middle of February to Iraq. His duty station has been at Camp Pendelton. He is with the 1st Mar Div HQ Bn Truck Co. 3rd platoon and has been attached to the 3/4 and 7th Marines. I know he is currently outside of the Sunni Triangle. I thank God every moment that he passed through Fallujah safely and is not in the midst of all the chaos I see on the news. I know our Men will get it under control and all come home safely. We haven't had much contact with him since he was deployed, but his wife did get a call the other day and he said he is doing OK and is even having some fun! Here are a few of his pictures from the day of deployment!
Richard and his wife Juliana! Both Marines! Maybe we will have Grandchildren someday named Semper and Fi! Ha Ha!

We are so proud of him!

Tell your son for us "Thank You for serving so faithfully in the Sandbox and preparing the way for my son!" I know all of our Men and Women are working so hard out there and all around the rest of the world. I hope he enjoys his leave!

Thank you and Elaine so much for your support. It is nice to know that we are all rooting for each other!

Semper Fidelis & God Bless

Sophie Cyrus
She also forwarded me pictures so we can put a face to the name.

God Bless them and keep them safe.
Thanks Roy ... :wink:

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