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KSL is out of the gun business

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Hey guys, I know a lot of you from around here use KSL classifieds. I sure as heck do, or did.

Now that they are done with it there was a site for only gun classifieds in UT, I am not affiliated with it in any way shape or form.

It was originally created by a guy that was sick to death of seeing the Sierra gun ads, so this one is only for personal classifieds, no businesses are allowed, I bet it finally takes off now with KSL being out of it.

Just thought I would share, the listings are already starting to pop up there.

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Thanks for shareing, I won't be useing KSL to buy anything after this! I think they, like a lot of the US are over reacting. And imposing their spin on our rights... One nut bag is to blame for all this, not the guns and ammo.

Thanks again.
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