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KRISS VECTOR 2nd Gen Frame Cracking (BEWARE)

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Anybody have the same issue as mine? after receiving my Kriss Vector Gen 2 9mm i took it to the range and after about 100 rounds the stock broke and the frame broke, keep in mind i did not try to fold the stock as i know my version does not fold...I contacted KrissUSA and they try and blame me telling me that i folded the stock i told them why would i fold it when i got it it came with a big sticker that says not to fold...long story short they wont honor the warranty and want me to pay shipping, parts and repair, i even told them to just send me the broken parts and i will install it myself and they still wont help out...in short KrissUSA sucks...
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More to the OP's issues though, assuming he ever bothers to check this..... Is the broken part the part that is actually considered the receiver? Im not that familiar with them. If thats the serialized part, that would explain their refusal to ship parts to him. It would HAVE to go home to be "repaired", and then if it gets a new receiver, how would that play with Guam's rather strict firearms laws? If you want to REALLY open a can of worms, is it now an unregistered SBR?
Wow, that is a solid observation of this situation! You gotta dispose of that SBR legally before "they" come to you! Especially being plastered all over the Internet.

Sorry for your situation and wish you luck
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