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Kelly trial; be careful what you wish for.......

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I feel I must put my 1/50 of a dollar into this saga. I have been following this story in the news and different forums pretty close from "a Second Amendment" standpoint; as I have "no dog in the hunt" other than that. I don't know anything about MKS's business practices except what I have read; and if as stated they are indeed dubious.

I have seen many posts hoping/calling for them to "convict, imprison, and throw away the key"; and if I had lost several hundred dollars I would "AT FIRST" probably feel the same. The problem is that the BATFE charges and trial are not about him cheating anyone out of their money; that is not their jurisdiction or responsibility. They will not recover one cent, or one receiver for you. True, it would cost way more than the receiver is worth for a civil suit; and if he has nothing, you will get nothing. The recourse here is through the U.S. Postal Inspectors, or filing charges for theft/fraud through local law enforcement; neither of which cost you a dime. If you have proof you paid him and received nothing; he can't beat the rap. Mr. Kelly, for over 15 years has been trying to deliver to the M14 lovers what THEY ALWAYS WANTED, a quality copy of the M14 that is as close to the original military model as you can legally get. I have only seen one, at the Houston, Texas gun show several years ago; and it was indeed extremely nice. You COULD NOT TELL it was a reweld. We all KNOW that what he made and sold is not a machine gun; or any more readily convertible than any other M14 clone on the market. A small piece of 1/4" plate, a hand drill, a file, and a cheap "home welding machine" is about all that is needed to put a operational selector tab on any clone. The small "tack welds" required would not even bother the heat-treat of the critical portions of the receiver. Just like any other semiauto rifle or shotgun made; if a person with any common sense or talent wants to break the law and convert it; he can pretty easily. We should all be hoping and praying for a jury with common sense, and that he is cleared of all the charges brought by the "Federales". Then maybe those who lost money or receivers will get their intended purchase, or their money back. If not, then go after him for the fraud/theft issue as stated above; please don't wish for a further erosion of our "Gun Rights" to satisy a personal vendetta. I agree he should have had a "clear approval" for what HE was doing from BATFE; but case law is case law, and what the Feds say is legal for one man/company is legal for another doing the same thing, they can't discriminate.

I know this has gotten long; but one other point. When they were taking pre-orders for the "new" forged receivers, I remember they stated a pretty long production/delivery date. This kind of set-up takes a huge pile of money. That "pe-order money" I would think was being used for equipment and facilities, etc. It was invested/spent/gone. What is not there can not be returned. The only thing that could/can happen was/is the delivery of the product that was ordered. The BATFE put a stop to that, and picked up what had been delivered as promised. That was/is outside of his control; and after 15 +years of openly advertising and selling nationwide, with write-ups in all the gun publications; I don't think he, you, or anyone would have been expecting it. IF HE LOSES, WE ALL WILL LOSE. Just my 2 cents.......

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CarbineFan No argument on your post, however, the BATF
I think got involved because people contacted them, most were
just complaining about getting ripped off (slow turnaround time) and
questions about a BATF letter. Had people not rocked the boat, I
don't think they would have cared but, once they were awoken from
their slumber they were determined to hang him for something.
At times we are our own worst enemies. IMHO
i once read that democracy is the theory that people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.

well it seems to apply here.
I lost 3 MKS rifles....well the receivers only but it's the PRINCIPAL. Then I was broke and couldn't pay for a BOND to keep them from being destroyed. They are probably 3 little puddles of SLAG now.

I just want justice done, MKS vindicated, compensation paid and property returned to their rightful owners.

What happened to Innocent before proven Guilty? ATF confiscated our receivers and destroyed them before a judgement in this case was ever made.....or even gone to court.
It is my understanding from posts made by individuls who are present at the trial that all of the receivers and BATFE agents that took posession of the receivers are at the trial.
If I'm in error I appologise.


God, I hope so! I want my receivers back NOW.

I didn't post bond but I have my letter of Notice of Forfiture, listing the items confiscated.

There has to have been more than 200 receivers confiscated, I have 130 members in my MKS OWNERS yahoo group.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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