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I have been asked to post this message for a good friend.

His name is Cpl. Dennis H. O'Donnell
He was with the 4th Marine Division 1989-1995
Lately of Bulk Fuel at Folsom, PA.

We were drinking at the Marine Corps League Detachment 288 in Upland, PA when he told me a story of how his issue Kbar that he treasured was stolen.

He does not want to purchase a commercial K bar but want's
to find another issue Kbar as , at least, it will have come directly from the corps.

I know this is a stretch but Dennis want's to know if there is
another Marine that would be willing to part with an issue Kbar.

I would assume that another Marine who was issued a Kbar would be reticent to part with it as theres honor at stake here but
if there is and he would speak directly to Dennis perhaps
some trade for other Marine material could be made.

Dennis holds the belief that something as personal as an issue
Kbar would be dishonored by selling it for money.

If there is someone out the that is willing to do this , I can supply Dennis's phone number and he can open a dialogue with him.

This is not a scam as I want no part directly in this request.
Dennis will provide any authentication needed.

Ok, I've completed my promise.
I hope he finds what he wants.

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