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just got my m1a back from Springfield... small problem

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Hi Folks,

I just got my m1a back from Springfield and I have a problem. Here's the issue. I lock the bolt back with the mag well empty, but when I pull the op-rod to release the bolt, it locks up and won't ride forward. I'm able to see that it's not getting caught by the bolt stop, so that's not the issue.

After jiggling the op-rod a little, it will release and ride forward. I'd be very grateful for any input and help. Thanks everyone.
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it was sent back originally because of a hanging front sight

Hi Red,

Thanks for your help but that didn't fix the issue. The weird thing is, it only happens about 1 out of 5 times I lock the bolt back. Maybe I just need to take it to the range first....any other thoughts???

I tried using the search function for this problem but I was unable to find anything.
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