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Some thoughts.....

Dear Frustrated 45.308; I tend to possibly agree with Bimmer, at least in order to try to eliminate some of the possible sources of your accuracy issues.

Now, I'm sure you know about pre-loading your bipod, but just on case not, you want to set it up (and this is usually done from the prone position, but it can also be achieved from sitting at a bench...) and pushing the rifle down & forward with your shoulder in order to pre-load that bipod. That sort of bends it's legs backwards (towards you), and of course it wants to push back, and so you then have to gauge the approximate push-back to make it as consistent, shot to shot, as possible. Otherwise, you can also eliminate that issue entirely by removing the bipod resting your rifle's forend on some contoured sandbags.

But then, the point of impact will almost always be different than when you re-hang the bipod on it, or if you then use that bi-pod in the field. So it's obviously best to get the hang of it with a bipod.

Then again, you may well be an expert bipod user, and this is all load of donkey dust!

As well, I generally shoot 5 shot groups, though 3 shot groups can make you feel better since you've eliminated the chance of a flier or a temp-related group change. (Taken to it's extreme, I'm particularly proud of my group sizes with a one-shot string! GI1)

Melvin Forbes, the owner/builder @ UltraLight Arms Corp, who built me a spectacularly accurate hunting rifle in 250-3000 Ackley Imp., told me that he always shoots at least 10 shots if he's evaluating a rifle's potential accuracy problems, but he also does it as quickly as he can consistent with accurate shooting. So he'll shoot 10 - 15 rounds in less than 60 - 90 seconds, tops.

(BTW, as to potential accuracy, I trembled in fear about achievable accuracy as I awaited the arrival of my new SA NM. I had, since ordering it, read all the troubling posts here about how essentially inaccurate (by bolt gun standards at least...) these rifles generally are, and in particular how much trouble folks had with the SAI products.

Well, mine, with my first-ever shots, which were reloads (43gr 2520; ≈2700 fps as I recall), and starting with my very first scoped shots, all settled down into < 1" @ 80 yds! And then, after just a tiny bit of tinkering, they are now all <MoA @ 100yds. I even shot a 3-round ≈6" group as I recall, @ 400 yds, in a 10 - 20mph cross-wind "sitch"!! Not bad for an old-design battle rifle, IMHO. GI2GI2

You'll get it sorted out, and we'll all try to help you. Don't lose hope quite yet!
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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