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A bipod is fine, if you properly load it and you're not letting it bounce around on you. Off a bench sometimes it is harder to get it quite right. You might want to try from a prone position if you can without getting wet.

The ammo you were using flies pretty close to that of the FGMM. I myself really don't think you'd see a dramatic improvement myself. I've come up with a theory of my own. If FGMM doesn't work, Hornady Amax/TAP probably will and visa verse. I had a loaded that was worse than yours. And let me tell you it didn't do very hot with FGMM. Not as well as it did with Amax.

Looks like you did better with the Eotech. That isn't surprising since the Socom iron sights suck. I guess I'd continue to use the Eotech and work on my shooting while trying some different ammo.

I know your trigger isn't anything special, so be careful that isn't throwing you off. I believe the NM spring guild is a worth while item to have in any M1a. If your rifle isn't passing the tilt tests, you better look into that. You might try different gas pistons also. It really doesn't take much and the piston can really change the groups.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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