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To anyone interested

An outstanding club with a strong attendance (~25 shooters ave. per match) is the Kimberton Fish & Game Club's John C. The club is located near Phoenixville, PA. CMP Garand Matches are open to the public, match fees which includes surplus ammo is $25. Match results are sent to CMP headquarters and CMP certificates are given out to new shooters. This club is VERY new shooter friendly.

Garand Matches will begin in April for the 2011 season and run until December! All targets (NRA SR1) will be at the 100 yard line; shoot and paste. The club does have "loner" equipment & M1's (in outstanding condition) for new shooters. The matches are quick and efficient (~1 hour) with about four relays. Matches are held on Sunday afternoons.

The course of fire is as follows:

Sighters: 5 rounds max in five minutes.
Slow fire prone: 10 round in ten minutes.
Rapid fire prone: 10 rounds in 80 seconds (reload required).
Slow fire standing: 10 rounds in ten minutes.

Please find information on the Kimberton website:

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