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I had listed my complete rifle on the PX, and then downgraded the listing to just the stock... so I guess it goes on the BX.

Selling my JAE 100 Gen 1 rifle stock, comes with a Plano Case as a Bonus, the foam is plucked out to fit an M1A.

The JAE Options:

-Removable Cheek rest and spacer
-Palm rest
-Bag hook picatinny rail (for monopods)
-Sling mounts on side of stock and under the forstock
-Earth color

The JAE stock is used with use marks. Easily touched up. I'll ship it CONUS for $950 inside the plano case.

The JAE stock did in-fact assist my groups and brought them down to 1 MOA. I'm selling it due to weight on my NM Rifle. This stock is well suited for a static application and supported prone shooting. It may do well unsupported if your base rifle is lightweight to begin with.

I'll take reasonable offers. I want a Leupold LR/T 3.5-10x M3 if you're thinking about trading.

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