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It's Almost That Time of Year Again...

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to do hand-gun ballistics testing in my lab. \:D/

The purpose of the testing is to obtain fresh samples of rifling marks on bullets and firing pin impressions, extractor markings, etc. on the casings, but it's also kind of neat to see how the various rounds expand in a low-velocity water trap.


I've got the ability to test .22; .32 ACP; 9mm, .38 spl, .357 mag and .357 Sig; .40 S&W; .41 mag; and .45 ACP. There is usually a .44 mag that comes visiting and maybe even a 10mm, but I don't own either caliber and we'll be stuck with whatever ammo is supplied.

If you've got a favorite standard (non-exotic) factory load in one of those calibers, I'd be happy to shoot a couple of rounds into the tank and post some pics, as long as I don't have to special order the ammo.

Just let me know.

BTW - this testing has absolutely no scientific or sociological value other than: (1) it's fun to do :mrgreen: and (2) we get to see how the ammo performs under the listed conditions.

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How about some current Starfires? I've always considered that to be an overlooked, but quite lethal ammunition. :D
I've got some .40s and I think maybe some 9mm (although don't hold me to that).

I'll definitely fire a few for ya. :D

It sure would be nice to see some .32acp tests!?!?! ;)
db, I was curious about 9mm and .40. Specifically Speer Gold Dot. If you don't have any no sweat. if you do...
9mm in 147gr HP
.40 in 180gr HP


Where might one find previous tests you have performed
Hey There, Guys.

No problemo with the .32 ACP or the Gold Dots (GD are my favorite rounds for serious social purposes). I'll do em up for ya in about a week or 10 days. I'll post the pics as soon as I get them.

I've posted some older pics in a previous thread named Performance and Expansion Testing of Common Handgun Bullets . Of course, I keep buying new stuff as my wallet can handle it, so I'll post some pics of different types of bullets this next time around.

Got some CorBons to play with and some nifty new "Extreme Shock" ammo I picked up in Portland, Or when I went out to visit my son.

Have a good one.

Hey there, Duckbuck...have any Winchester 45 acp 230 gr. SXT's to compare to your previous Black Talon test?
Yep - I've got some of those, too. I'll add them to the list. :D

duckbuck, I have a fairly good supply of some of the older specialty rounds, like Black Talon, Hydra-shok, Starfire, Glaser Blue (even some of the old flat-tips). If I can help, let me know. :D
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