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Check this out...
They can kill you if your standing behind it when it goes off, They had a RR that fired a atomic round called "The Davy Crocket"! Supposedly the blast zone was bigger then it could shoot so it was fired by remote control or a timer IIRC.


The nuclear warhead of the M28 and M29 "Davy Crockett" had a yield of 20 tons.

The M28 had a maximum range of 2,000 meters and the M29 had a max range of 4,000 meters.

Can you survive an explosion of 20 tons of TNT if you are 2,000 meters away? Of course you can. The 2020 explosion in Beirut had an equivalent yield of 1.1 kilotons of TNT, the Davy Crockett's yield is 1/50 of that.

"Nuclear weapon" does not always mean total destruction everywhere.

((Yes, you might have fallout issues if the wind is wrong, but fallout does not mean instant death. In fact, it doesn't always even mean sickness.)
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