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Is this too corroded to shoot?

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Found a box of Portuguese with a few rough ones. Safe to shoot? Just curious to how much corrosion is acceptable from a safety standpoint.
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I had some corroded ammo like that, didn't use my M1a but it fired fine out of my Cetme.
So did you think to inspect a fired case??? Just because it went bang like it is supposed to and your rifle didn't blow up, it's possible that the case was on the verge of rupturing. It would be interesting to know. A lot depends on the amount of corrosion and the depth it has eaten into the sides of the brass case.
Very light corrosion that can be mostly removed with OOOO steel wool should be OK to shoot, but anything worse would be questionable. Really bad ones should be pulled down, and moderate ones maybe saved for a strong bolt action rifle. That's just my personal opinion.GI2
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portuguese left in the original cardboard can and will do that. the 4th & 5th rds from left look pretty rough from the photos .
If it was my rifle I'd salvage the components on ones that look that bad.
They might shoot fine , who knows ?
BUT Risking my eyes , face and a $2000 rifle with questionable 50 cents a rd ammo doesn't make much sense to me.
MB3 is right about the pink Beware any pink corrosion , if you can salvage the bullets fine , but trash the case, it's gone.

That cardboard is known to promote corrosion even in the "sealed" 200rd battle packs [they're not airtight]
You need to get all that ammo out of that cardboard , separate all the good rounds from the questionable ,
I'd recommend a 30 or 50 cal. USGI ammo can with good seals for storage
combined with a large dessicant bag, then store it inside in an indoor closet [for the stable temp and humidity].
If you check and recharge the dessicant every 3 to 6 months , your grandkids will be shooting it.
That 4th round from the left looks pitted where the corrosion has eaten into the sided of the case and I feel should not be fired. And what is it about "pink corrosion"? I've never seen or heard of it...GI3
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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