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Is this too corroded to shoot?

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Found a box of Portuguese with a few rough ones. Safe to shoot? Just curious to how much corrosion is acceptable from a safety standpoint.
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Everyone’s covered the bases here, I just want to add a point of caution

watch out for this stuff on the gun show circuit, the German MEN too. During the Crazy, starting just before the Obama regime and lasting about 15 months into it, 308 became very hard to get, even components were near impossible to get your hands on. After this began, 200 round battle packs that you could buy 3 months earlier for less than 80 bucks were 250 bucks at the shows.

Be wary of paying more than 30 cents a round for this stuff - the PORT, German MEN / DAG in the green plastic battle packs as you will have some corroded rounds.

I bought some of the Port. surplus and out of 1k I ended up with about 45 rounds like OP pictured, some had the dreaded pink corrosion marks, but most looked like the rounds above, maybe a little worse. The rest of the case was excellent.

Just be wary of the gun show battle packs, they’re still out there.
So did you think to inspect a fired case??? Just because it went bang like it is supposed to and your rifle didn't blow up, it's possible that the case was on the verge of rupturing. It would be interesting to know. A lot depends on the amount of corrosion and the depth it has eaten into the sides of the brass case.
Very light corrosion that can be mostly removed with OOOO steel wool should be OK to shoot, but anything worse would be questionable. Really bad ones should be pulled down, and moderate ones maybe saved for a strong bolt action rifle. That's just my personal opinion.GI2
I used dremel to open up a couple of the really offensive looking cases, and neither showed corrosion on the inside of the case, but... that’s not to say that the strength of the material isn’t at least partially compromised.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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