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Am I the only person who gets great offers like this one?

Hello dear,

How are you today?

I am Sgt. Caroline Gump, 32 years old, single & never married before.
I am from Florida USA, a US army by profession. Actually, I have about
$10.5 Million Dollars and jewelry packed in a box which I deposited in
Globlink Security & Cargo company vault here in Afghanistan. This
money was my share of the enormous amount we made out of the money we
encountered during one of our mission as here in Afghanistan.

Now that President Biden has ordered for the US military pull out from
Kabul by the end of August, I cannot move back to the USA with these

Can I really trust you enough to request the security company to move
the boxes to your address and after our return to the States; I will
come over to your home to pick the box. If you can do me this favor,
you will be entitled to 40% of the money and some shares of the

If you can assure me of your trust and never disappoint or betray me
upon reception of the luggage, kindly get back to me with your full
name, address, and direct mobile number to enable me draft a letter of
recommendation and send it to the security company immediately.

you can contact me in my emailaddress,{[email protected]}

Sincerely yours,

Sgt. Caroline Gump.

Surely this thing is on the up and up and not a scam . . . surely. Right? The ten and a half million doesn't temp me but the jewelry is another question.

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Yes, I would have deleted it as fast as it dropped into my Spam folder.

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She's obviously in the army of that African prince, I seriously doubt she's in the U.S. Army. You know the African prince that's always reaching out to people to help move his fortune but needs someone to hold it for him along the way.

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Yes Sgt Gump is ready to accept you into her life. Marriage is definitely on her mind. Send her some cash as soon as possible as she needs traveling money to get to your bungalow in the country.

I senxxxe many good times in your life as a world traveler with Caroline at your side.

Call the U.S. State Dept. and tell them your travel plans to pick up Sgt Gumps special package. They will need more information on the Sgt and may want a
photo. Have Miss Caroline send you a photo standing next to a goat for

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I sent an email that simply said hello there.

Here is the response

Hello dear,

Thanks to you for your quick response to my mail.
I really don't want to involve a lawyer in this matter for my own

security. As you read the mail below, you will understand my reasons.

I want this done based on personal trust between you and me.

In respect to what I told you earlier about $10.5 million dollars and

jewelry sealed in a box which I deposited with the GLOblink Security &

Cargo Company here in Afghanistan.
It's my share of the money we made from the enormous encounter

during the initial period of our mission here in Afghanistan. I'm

telling you this because before I contacted you,I had 3 days fasting

and prayers where I had a revelation about you and I am convinced

that you can be trusted enough which is the reason I am compelled to

tell you everything, hoping that you will never disappoint or betray

me thereafter.
In that very mission that brought us these fortunes, its an obvious

fact that none of us had planned to take the money, but it was an

opportunity we stepped into and decided to make good use of it.

This is what actually happened, that fateful morning, there was an

urgent call that ISIS was about to take over a city and we were told to

counter the attack which we proceeded to the scene immediately. On

our way an RPG hit the truck and the strength of our jeep Humvee

failed, lots of bullets flying around, we were immobilized for hours

and there was no way out. At that moment, I thought I was going to die

but we were lucky because we received heavy shelling, ensuring a safe

place until the arrival of the fighter jet support because some of our

soldiers were wounded by bullets. After finding and destroying the

terrorist camp, my team moved to a checkpoint from one route to

another and was surprised to find a long tunnel that took us to a cave.

It was a horrible experience, sad to say the spectacle, but I am very

grateful to God that I survived and returned to our camp safely.

That was a remarkable day in my life. Close to the tunnel exit,we came

across safe boxes that contained huge amounts of dollars which

belonged to the supporters of ISIS and Taliban. When thought over, we

draw a conclusion that the money was probably meant for buying

weapons and ammunition. So, it was agreed by all Army officers

present on that rescue mission that the money will be shared amongst

us and which we did. That was good luck for us and we decided to

share the money among ourselves for a better future at any time we

leave the army and return to our countries.This is just a summary of

what happened about how I got the money, I'll tell you more about it

and other experiences I had here when I get back and sit with you face

to face because there is still more to tell you.
Therefore,I am seeking your urgent assistance to evacuate my share of

the money out of this country to your address for you to keep it safe

on my behalf till I come over.

Like I'd told you earlier, the boxes were deposited with Globlink

Security and Cargo company and seeing that we have been ordered to

leave Afghanistan by the end of August. If we leave without moving

this money away from the country, I will lose it. And I cannot go back

to the state with the boxes to avoid implications. Also, the company

contacted me last week and informed me to come and claim my box as

they have decided to close down their Afghanistan office branch due

to the unrest here and that if I don't claim my box until next week, it

will be at the owner's risk. This is the worst nightmare I ever wished

to have and I must figure out the best way to move it out of

Afghanistan as soon as possible. So, I need your assistance because I

want to invest this money in any good business in your country as

soon as we are fully withdrawn from here.

Please I need you to reassure me of your faithfulness in this overture

by sending to me any of your legal identity instruments to boost my

confidence in you. As soon as you set me up in hope, I will proceed

further in urging the Globlink director to proceed with the shipment

to your address.
Meanwhile i urgently need the following details:
Your full name
Thanks for your comprehension

Your sincerely
Sgt,caroline Gump

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IF you have a "Seriously secure" computer and care to, you can have a lot of fun "Scambaiting".

There are all kinds of seriously funny stories of things people get the scammers to do. Hanging signs around their neck saying all sorts of Hilarious things to telling the scammer that they had murdered their girlfriend....(had her lay in a tub and poured ketchup around her neck) and needed the money to leave the Country immediately.

Here is some general info on it and also has some good links on it such as 419 Eaters.

New to scambaiting? here are some helpful tips! : scambait (reddit.com)

Best of Good Luck and Good Fun!

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A variation of the old "Nigerian Prince" scam. People are still falling for that one. Sadly, there will be those drawn into this one too.
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