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Is this a deal or not?

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I've been away from M-1 Garands for 22 years now so I don't have clue as to what different guns are worth. I'm just looking for a shooter.
I have a guy who is offering me a 4mil range Korean era Springfield CMP gun, the throat gauges out to about 4 and it's supposed to be 90% matching parts, arsenal marked stock.
Is $700 a reasonable price if it checks out?

Any advice is much appreciated.

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Thanks for the input.
I've been waiting to order a CMP gun because I've heard they will be at the next big Houston HGCA/Reliant Center gun show in January. I had planned to go the CMP route.
Then this rifle popped up and the guy needs a little Christmas money apparently. I at least take a look at it on Saturday.

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