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Hi Bill ...

I realize that a question such as this could possibly require a lengthy answer but I would simply settle for a brief reply as to what parts are interchangeable between the M1 garand and the M14/M1A ...

Exactly what can be used on each if any ... ?


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Parts that interchange are: Butt Swivel, Lower Butt Plate Screw, Rear Sight Aperature, Elevating Pinion (can be used on either, although not exactly correct in calibration), Elevation Knob, Sight Base, Sight Cover, Trigger (although the sear requires slight modification, but they are close enough), Hammer, Hammer Spring, Hammer Spring Plunger, Hammer Spring Housing, Safety, Hammer Pin and Trigger Pin, Handguard Band (Spring Clip) sometimes and as long as it has not been deformed during removal, and Butt Plates on certain M14 stocks. Extractor and Extractor Spring and Plunger in the bolt.

My instinct says the Butt Plate Plungers and springs are probably the same, But I would have to check further.

As far as the operator level items go:
Web Sling
Rod Carry case, either type will work in butt trap
4 Cleaning rod sections
Swab Section
Short Oiler
Plastic Spacer for Brush and Swab Section
7.62mm Chamber Brush for 7.62 mm M1's ONLY
.30 bore brush, although the drawing during the 1960's shortened the brush slightly to prevent it from hitting the inside of the butt plate. It remains shorter today.
Either grease was authorized for use on both rifles
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