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Insight to my NM Rear Sight ~problem~

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Well boys, my USGI NM rear sight came in the mail today and I need your "insight" to see if I should return it.
It appears to be mostly original USGI, the finish is worn and yes you can tell it has been sitting a while. The right side of the base is marked "NM/2A". The aperature is also marked "NM". It is parkerized and does not appear to be cast in any way. That is the good news. Now for the "bad" news. The windage knob (right side) appears to be blued. There are no markings for windage on this knob. However I think there should be as shown in Duff's book on page 12. Also the knurling on the suspect windage knob is spaced closer together than on the elevation knob. What do I have here?
Shouldn't there be a cover that lays over the base also. Should that not be included with the assembly? One was not included.
Final question - How do you lock the windage and elevation when sighted in. The whole mess seems quit loose to me. Appreciate any help anyone can offer.
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Howdy freewilly,

I say call them and tell them ya want the correct windage knob.
It should be marked as well as the elevation knob.I have an all USGI NM rear assy. and all parts are correctly marked. :?

The NM rear assy. doesn't come with the cover since ya can use the old one on the new base. :wink:

To tighten the elevation and windage knobs just screw in the center nut on the elevation knob.Only enough so they don't move because ya could break it.It don't take much. :wink:

warbird out
Aloha FreeWilly:

Sounds like you have a NM base and NM aperture but standard windage knob. Do you have a NM elevation knob?

NM Windage and Elevation should be half MOA cliks vs 1 MOA, IIRC. My NM sights that I purchased did include the sight cover. Although, again IIRC, I don't think that is marked NM.

As far as loose... hmmm... is the aperture loose? If so, it can be staked to tighten it... if the knobs are loose, then the knob screws should tighten that up... but if the pinion gears are worn, then it will have to be replaced.

I am sure Bill, Warbird and others will have much more comprehensive suggestions than me... just trying to help.


Tom O.
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Just to cover all the bases here, the thread count on a NM base is double that of a standard windage knob (finer threads). Dunno if a standard windage knob will even start to screw in, but I wouldn't try it. It'd be a shame to damage the threads in the NM base.
Guys, I'm "lost in the sauce" here. Something seems really wrong.

When I turn the elevation knob, the aperature moves up and down freely. there is no detent in anyway. The action is smooth and loose. Tightening the screw does not solve the problem. The elevation screw goes all the way through and tightens on the windage knob. Tightening it, simply locks the one to the other. It almost seems like something is missing from the assembly but I'm not sure what. It's hard trying to figure all this out w/o having a working unit to compare it to. Grrrrr. I do appreciate the feed back.

Anyone have a USGI NM rear sight that WORKS they want to sell???

Frustrated. :cry:
the windage knobs threads in the base. like quag said don't try it cause the NM and standard have different thread pitch and the NM base will become stripped. it is really easy to strip or crossthread anyhow.
[b]Thanks [/b]

Hello all, worked with this last night and a little today. I think I finally understand how the whole rear sight assembly works. It would have been nice to have a receiver. I contacted the vendor I purchased it from and explained my concerns, he was very understanding and was able to come up with the correct NM elevation knob. So it's in the mail to me now. It's nice to have a knowledge resource at your fingertips when you have questions. Appreciate everyone's input. Crisis is over (for now :lol: )
Re: [b]Thanks [/b]

freewilly said:
It would have been nice to have a receiver.
You were just assembling the rear sight by itself, not on a receiver? Then that's why it was rotating freely.

The detents are machined into the side of the receiver. The small "tit" sticking out on the underside of the elevation pinion knob is what gives you the click as it moves from one detent position to another on the receiver.

There is probably nothing wrong with your current elevation pinion. AFAIK, the elevation pinion is the same for both standard & NM sights; the NM 1/2 MOA elevation adjustment is obtained via rotating the hood on the NM aperture.

...or did I read your post wrong?
Did you get the sight from Fulton-Armory? If you did, ... just thought I'd drop a line in here to say that the NM windage knobs that come with their NM rear sight assemblies are blued and don't have windage markings on the knob (personally, I've never seen a windage knob with adjustment marks on the knob, ... only windage markings on the receiver which index to the center mark on the base.) Anyways, the Fulton windage knobs just say "Enrex" and have the arrow that is labeled "Left". If this is the knob you got the first time, it may show up again in your shipment, but don't be too dismayed because that knob is of the utmost quality. Just my 2c. If not relevant please disregard.
It would have been nice to have a receiver 8O

Firearms are alot like working on a car.If ya don't have ALL the parts ya need and in good condition,nothing will ever work right. :?

It's good to hear that the problem may now be fixed.

I just looked at my supermatch with USGI NM rear sights.The windage knob is marked IHC-DRC :D and elevation knob marked WCE.

warbird out
In my last post I said "elevation knob" - I should have said "windage knob" - my mistake. As for not having a receiver, WTO is building my rifle, there were a few parts Clayton didn't have in stock (NM Rear sight, TRW NM barrel and TRW Op Rod) I told him I would find those parts and send them to him - thus "no receiver" yet. It wasn't until I was discussing this with MdShooter that I realized there are ears on the receiver (duh :roll: ) and that is what takes up all the slop.

I purchased the Op Rod and NM rear sight from Technical and Tactical Innovations - These guys are great to deal with. Check them out sometime.


Thanks again, Willy
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