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Inland M1 carbine markings

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barrel-GM Inland Div. 10-43,barrel band-JMQ,flip safety-M inside of a horseshoe,front site stamped U on the face&F stamped behind the blade,adjustable front sight stamped H,Stock-NPM surrounded
in a square,FJA in square partially covering box of NPM.away from these two in very small letters on the same side as the NPM stamp.. is an I and either an E or F.
other side of the stock is stamped-AAF,and a single P in a curve on the bottom side of the stock.I am beginning to not know the name of parts where the other markings I haven't mentioned yet are,so if you can direct me there that would be great
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Don't have War Babies yet but I've heard that it's like the bible for the carbine.....great suggestion Bill! Go Airborne!
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