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Indian 308 Ammo ?

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Any one have any info on this ammo-- headstamp OFV 93 m80 7.62--Is this anmmo OK to shoot in my M1A---corrosive???
Thanks for any info!!
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Don't do it, Kemosabe!

Get thyself some Aussie, Port, Hirt, LC, or sump'in else.

See the thread at:


Good luck!

Indian is bad stuff don't buy it get yourself some port or aussie.
AVOID INDIAN ammos!!! This question has been discussed enough. :wink:
Please refer to "Ammo Bunker" section.
:evil: Stear Clear of it! :wink:

Same here. Out of a case of that stuff I got 8 bullets stuck in the barrel :evil: . Before I loaded my mags with it I had to go through it and throw away usually one or two rounds out of every twenty because they were bent or deformed etc. Not good.
I like it. It's good stuff! No, actually it's total trash but the case I bought was fun to shoot on full-auto when I was out at the FLETC in Artesia. Anybody know how to post DVD video here? I've got some footage I'd like to share with you people!
I have come to realize that anything "Made in India" is junk. I don't mean to be cruel, but just go to Pier 1 Imports and look at brass candle holders or anything made of brass or wood. You can't find any two alike. Same goes for all of the other cute knick-knacks from India (or Mexico 8) ). I don't know, maybe they offer some sort of charm.

But here is my point: I used to own several Ishapore .308 Enfield rifles (made in the 1970s) and the lack of quality from one to the other, from the fit and finish of the metal to the fit and finish of the Luan Mahogany stocks, was astonishing. Same for the function and accuracy. I saw the same in Indian made Fals. I think when the British turned over soverign control to India in 1949, that may have marked a turning point in the quality of future militaria hardware production.

I fail to see the charm when the lack of quality or consistency of ammunition allows for the potential for injury or worse.
on battlerifles there is a post someplace about someone whose bolt was damaged by firing the indian crap. it doens't even qualify to be called ammo.
And these people have a nuke??!!!
As long as their nukes go "boom" I doubt quality makes much difference! :D
When it comes to Indian ammo, run screaming like a girl.
I hear it works pretty good if you throw it at the target instead of shooting it through your rifle.
well mine shoots fine..I shot 1200 rounds of it..had like 10 that did not feed..may not hit the bulls eye every time... but it will do the job...
indian 308

I bought a case of it about a year ago, and it looked like hell when I got it, but it shot great. Then I bought another case a couple of months ago and it was the awful crap I wrote about earlier. Guess there's good batches and bad ones. I think next time I'll just pay extra and get the good stuff! :D Portugese has never done me wrong.
yeah.. I got like 7 cases and its ok....ill only get get more if I can get the same stuff.....i can reload them to...guess I got lucky or something...I know that box is junk...
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