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In The Tan Sand ~ usmc

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in the tan sand they ran
two by two they would move
one would shoot & three would scoot
but no matter what they pushed on

Semper Fi
always ready to fight day or night
it didn't matter what time
the mags were stacked & their gear was packed
the boys were always ready to attack

tough as a gator
sharp as a whip
can slip and slide into the night
your life they will take
even if they just ate

let me set the recorder straight
if you F*ck with them
they will make you pay
trust me when I say
that's the marine corps way

if you look out in the desert sand
you can seem them running mad
with big guns gripped tight in their hands
these boys are ready to fight
rough & tough
lean & mean
was what it took to be U.S. Marine
josh wright ~ downey, ca

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