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If you want the "Real Deal"

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My new toy :D
Mine: 8)
Sig P226 - NAVY Ser# NSW 002X 8O
This is the real deal this is made for the U.S. Navy and issued to the S.E.A.L's .. The Slide, Barrel and internals are Phosphate coated 3 mils deep.
I figured if is good enough for the S.E.A.L.'s it should be good enough for me. :wink:
O yea by the way $50.00 of every sale goes to a Collage fund for the families of Special Ops Personnel that have been KIA. with a LIMITED run of 2000 that will give them $100,000.

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VERY cool, Doc. :D

I love SIGs, and have beaten the crap out of my 226, but it still shoots like the day I bought it 11 years ago. The only things I had to replace on it was the decocking lever spring (broke 2x) and the recoil spring (3x, by choice) after every 10,000 rounds or so.

Maybe this is my chance to join the Rule of Twos Club, given the worthy cause. Can you PM me with how much you paid if you don't mind?

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