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Identifying M1 and M14 Firing Pins 3 Pictures

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It seems more than one board member has reported receiving the wrong firing pins with their order from various companies. The M14 and M1 firing pin are identical, except for size. Without both to compare, sometimes it can get tricky.

This first pic shows the two different firing pins in a comparison.
the top is the M1 Rifle, the bottom is the standard M14 firing pin. Notice the M14 is slightly shorter.

This second pic shows the M14 Chromed Tip Firing Pin. This firing pin was developed at Springfield Armory and fielded in 1962. With a history of broken tips, SA produced both M1 and M14 Chromed Tip Firing Pins in 1962.

This last pic shows the M14 Full Chromed Firing Pin. This change occured in 1965 and produced a second time in 1969. (There never was an M1 equivalent) The entire body of the firing pin is chromed. It prevents rust, broken tips, and broken tangs (dog leg as some call it). Chromed firing pins may a little difficult going in some bolts, sometimes fitting is required, but that is another article.

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Thanks for the pics Bill, I took the liberty of changing them from URL to IMG.
That's OK Hawk, I was thinking of saving band width. Bill
It's appreciated, but at this point un-necessary. The forum's server is different from my site's server. There should be enough for whatever we want to do. We usually keep the pic's width to 400pixels. Thanks, Hawk
Hi Bill:

Just wanted to say your postings are GREAT! Very informative! Keep it coming...


Tom O.
Bumped to top.
Bringing this back to the top - what is the overall length on a M14 firing pin?

I suppose I could take mine out and measure it but am holding off till I order some GI parts (Extractor, Firing Pin, etc).
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