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I have not had any luck getting to the out door range so I just took my rifle to the indoor range I belong to during lunch. It was only 50 yrds, but that is ok as I would have started out at the 50 yrd to site it in anyways. My rifle is a M1A with all H&R parts. The target I was using was a total of 7 inchs across and the bull was 3inchs. My first 3 rds were vertical, but in the center. Ok breathing. Once I realized this I shot another 3rds. All 3 shots where in the size of dime breaking into each other. After setting the elevation and finishing 20 rds, I loaded up all four of my mags with 5 rds each. All my groups were tight, and most were touching each other. I was very impressed at how well this rifle shot. Forgot to mention my groups were I think very good because I was shooting bench rest. I know if I was shooting off hand my groups would suck. I can't wait to get out and do some real distance shooting.

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