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Which do you think is the most tactical?

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I need y'awls help.

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Which way do you suggest is the best / most tactical way to mount my new gadget?

And . . .

Should the pressure switch be under my thumb or elsewhere?

Option #1 Underneath the magazine. Switch under left thumb.
http://members.dslextreme.com/users/sdbruiser/BR posts/shotguns/Smtacunder.JPG

Option #2A Beside the barrel and magazine (left side). Switch same as above.
http://members.dslextreme.com/users/sdbruiser/BR posts/shotguns/Smtacside01.JPG
http://members.dslextreme.com/users/sdbruiser/BR posts/shotguns/Smtacside02.JPG

Option #2B Beside the barrel and magazine (right side) w/ cord wrapped under forearm and switch under left thumb
(opposite side as option #2A)
http://members.dslextreme.com/users/sdbruiser/BR posts/shotguns/Smtacrightside01.JPG

Thank you ! ! !
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how and where is it being stored? In a vehicle? At home?

Initially I was thinking one is "cleaner" looking, but with the flashlight hanging down, I am not sure.

Anything that will get as much slack in the cord taken up as possible.

#4 has it's merit also, but looks like the cord would get grabbed too easily.

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[b said:
farmerj[/b]]how and where is it being stored? In a vehicle? At home?
Home use. In safe/by bed and/or arms reach.

#4 has it's merit also, but looks like the cord would get grabbed too easily.
Do you mean #2B? The cord is very tightly wound and acutally stays well toward the front of the forend and away from where I place my left hand. I practiced racking the forend with it like this and the cord never interfered with the operation. Or when you say "grabbed" do you mean snag possibilities?

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Personally, I'd go with the light and switch mounted on the right side of the weapon with the switch on the forend directly behind the light to activate with 1 or all 4 fingers of the left hand, JMHO.

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And the winner is . . .

First off, thanks to everyone who participated and shared. I value your input and opinions. I received some great suggestions and insight that caused me to think more than I wanted to about how to set this up.

I’m right handed. Here’s what I decided to do and why.

I selected none of the options I listed. I went with the opposite of 2B.

I mounted the light on the left side of the barrel with the cord under the forearm and the switch under my fingers.

Reasons in favor of my choice.

#1 Opposable Thumb Thing. (sniper-66, 6016mech)

The switch just felt easier to operate, and for longer periods of time, using my support hand fingers against the pressure of my opposable thumb. I tested the switch both ways (under thumb and under fingers) for a half hour before deciding.

I tried Jack Stanley’s suggestion of placing the switch on the pistol grip. I placed it so that it could be squeezed with the fingers on the right hand instead of the thumb as Jack had suggested. I liked this the best. But the short length of the cord made this impractical for this particular application.

#2 Light closer to the line of the barrel. (Mr. Sammo)

First I tried it under the barrel ‘cause I thought this set up looked the best (even though it was the most likely candidate to snag). But the center of the beam shone below the sight line of the barrel. Not that it would matter much with a shotgun but with the light beside the barrel the head-sized beam would place itself right in the middle of my line of sight down the barrel. So when shooting from any position this meant that if the light was on it, I could hit it.

#3 Toward the body side of the gun. (ghrit)

Less chance of snagging it on something away from me.

#4 From cover: If the light can hit the target so can the barrel.

When I tested the light on the right side of the barrel I could get the light around the corner to illuminate the hallway but if I immediately fired I stood the chance of hitting the wall with the shot.
#5 Takes up slack in the cord. (farmerj)

“Downside” to my choice.

Light is on the “Down-side”.

I’m inclined to set my weapons down on their left side so that when reaching for it my hand will naturally grasp the stock/grip in a manner to more readily allow for discharging the weapon. Or if I had to hit the deck quickly, or fell, the light would probably be the first thing to smash on the ground. Oh well.

Does anybody think I made this too difficult? :questexl:

Thanks again to everyone that helped. I really appreciate it.
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