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I have got a good story about hot brass. I am a squad leader currently deployed in Afghanistan and several months ago one of my team leaders was burnt by some of my hot brass.

We were conducting some down vehicle live fire drills. We had a convoy of four vehicles and our engineers would blow some demo to represent an IED. A predetermined vehcile would be designated as the disabled vehicle. The trailing vehicle would act as the extraction vehicle, while the two remaining vehicles would put bullets down range. My alpha team leader was sitting in the seat behind me and when the demo went off we both started laying down fire. My brass was raining down on him as I fired and I heard him start screaming a long list of not-so-nice words. He also stopped firing. I figured that his weapon malfunctioned, so I increased my rate of fire. He kept screaming. After we ceased fire, I found out what really happened...

Prior to the drill, he purposely turned up the collar on his DCUs to help keep brass from falling into his body armor. But he also had a big hole in the crotch of his pants, and this genius does not were underwear. So a hot piece of brass falls into his pants and burns his naughty-bits. As soon as he felt it hit flesh, he jumped up and then it rolled off of his "bits" and fell into the seat of his pants. And then he sat down on it, burning his backside as well. That is why he was cursing so bad, and the whole time I was increasing my fire. After the cease fire, I was handing him bottle after bottle of the only ice water that we had with us that day. He poured most of our supply on his burned parts. The rest of that 120 degree day we drank 90 degree water. Luckily there was not permanent damage, but it sure makes a hell of a story.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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