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Ahhhh wayward brass! I've gotten more than a few dirty looks from the benchrest crowd at the range when shooting off-hand or seated with ARs, M1s or M1As. Seems a little silly that they get offended.

The funniest episode of wayward brass that occurred recently was with my G3 clone. Those things hurl brass 15-20 feet and fairly violently. I had taken the far right position so as not to PO anyone. A guy at the range had pulled up with his brand new truck during my string and decided to make his own parking space directly to the right and slightly behind the firing line. I hadn't noticed him pull up and proceeded through my mag. I guess I pelted the truck with 4-5 empties. If looks could kill...he got back into his truck and ripped out of there with tires squealing.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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